If you love music like I do, there's a great website where you are the DJ.  You can download tracks, add them to your playlist, even "blip" them to other DJ's who are on-line.  If you like what another DJ has blipped, you can give them props (token of appreciation) and reblip the tune if you want to. It now has Youtube videos available for some of the music. The music is uploaded by users or artists. It's a really entertaining way to interact with fellow music lovers from around the world. Come join me and listen to my music station at blip.fm/janblom. If you're already on Blip.Fm, let me know in the comments so I can follow you.  Happy Blipping!


Presidential Election

YOU have the power to help elect the next person to govern the USA and who will represent us internationally for the next 4 years. Your VOTE is important.  PLEASE get out and VOTE.