Ellie - A Short Film. The story of a sex worker's encounter with an unlikely client.

About the Film

The film follows a sex worker named Ellie. She is propositioned by a young man, named Kenneth, who has been pressured into to visiting a brothel by his friends. The humorously awkward encounter between these two young adults reveals details of their troubled lives.
The ideas behind this film were inspired by the work of Fran├žois Truffaut, the great French New Wave filmmaker. Improvisation and unscripted action, inspired mainly by the work of John Cassavetes, will be employed as way of telling this story.

Risks and Challenges

I've been writing the screenplay for this film since September 2012. Now that the screenplay has been completed, the biggest challenge with this project will most likely involve scheduling.

The film must be completed by May 2013. I predict further scheduling challenges while assembling my cast and crew for shooting, as I plan to utilize the talent of many people living in both New York City and Upstate New York.
I'll work to overcome these challenges by planning, planning, and more planning. For filmmaking, this is a key to success. Currently, I'm planning out the entire film with extensive storyboards and shot lists (I'll post pictures of these at a later date). Once a cast and crew is established, I'll also do quite a bit of planning so I can get everybody at one location at the same time, in order to best utilize our shooting time.

Where is your money going?

The money raised, if we meet our goal, will go to some of the many expenses of production, including (but not limited to): feeding all of the cast and crew everyday we shoot, transportation, securing locations, props and wardrobe, and anything we might need to buy along the way.

Other Ways You Can Help
If you're unable to contribute money to the campaign, you're still able to help out! Simply share this page with anyone you know who may be interested in helping us meet our goal.
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