Smartphone GPS Picture Tags - ALERT!

Being able to take high quality pictures on your smartphone is a really cool and convenient feature if you don’t have a digital camera handy. However, you should be aware that if you the GPS service enabled on your smartphone that you could also be “Geotagging” these pictures. Geotagging basically adds the location to the picture file. The problem with this is that when you upload that picture to Facebook or share it on a website or via email it allows someone else to see where that photo was taken. This could potentially put you, your family, or your possessions at risk.
If you are concerned about this and don’t know how to turn this feature off on your smartphone find someone that does and have them check it for you. If you have a newer digital camera you should also be aware that it may have GPS functionality as well. The Panasonic digital camera I feature on my Product Recommendations page has GPS and I have turned it off.
via biggeekdad.com


First Orbit - A Real-time Recreation Shot Entirely in Space from The Int'l Space Station

Explorers are a rare breed. Their contribution to our world as we know it is enormous.

This is a brilliant view of what Yuri saw while on the first flight of man in orbit.

You did real good Yuri! He must be proud of the advancements man has made in space travel, wherever he is!