Behind the Profile: JanetB

Here's an interview I gave at REDUX.

Behind the Profile: JanetB
October 29th, 2010

Continuing with our veil-lifting series of interviews, our next subject of study is the most prolific contributor Redux has yet to see. Simply, she is the queen of our community, and she’s earned that title both through relentless longevity and her charming virtual charisma. Most impressive is that as soon as you think you know her, she’ll start a new channel completely out of leftfield, and have it filled with choice content within hours. The 617 channels she’s joined, most of which she’s created, are a testament to her rabid hunger for knowledge, and her desire to share as much of it as possible with her followers.

I’m Community Dude Andy, and welcome to this edition of Behind the Profile: JanetB.

Community Dude [CD]: How’s the weather out there in Puerto Rico?

JanetB [JB]: It’s nice and hot here!

CD: Thanks for joining us today. Redux and you have been going steady for a very long time. How did it all start?

JB: Hi Andy, and thanks for the invite. Redux and I came together when I ran across a review for the upstart. I found it quite interesting and the decided to check it out for myself. That was one of the best things I ever did!

CD: You have probably been to as many corners of the Internet as Google’s crawler. What about Redux makes it, and I quote, “the best entertainment site on the web“?

JB: Redux is like the center of the social content galaxy. Everything that is anything of interest or “viral” can be found here and a whole lot more. The community is top notch, knowlegeable, fun, funny and friendly. No where else will you find a better group of people. The real-time post action and live interaction with other members is outstanding. To top it all off, the staff of Redux is bar none ‘THE BEST’.

CD: Aside from your shares, you are known for being very welcoming to every new user you cross paths with, and have helped to make this community the most inviting one around. What drives you to do this?

JB: It is my belief that Redux is the best at what it does and just want new members to feel as welcomed as I did when I first arrived. Telling them how much fun it’s been is just like ‘duh’ – hahaha. Just want to let them know I’m here and interested in what they have to share as well.

CD: Do you have a favorite share, either of your own or someone else’s?

JB: Let’s see, I’d have to say that one of my favorites is “We Are Here, The Pale Blue Dot“. Art, shortfilms, animation and ‘the sciences’ are probably my top interests.

CD: With just under 7,000 shares logged, your status as the Queen of Redux appears to be safe from usurpation for some time. Also, your 1:1 share to prop ratio proves that you are a benevolent ruler with the support of the people. Any words of advice to fledgling new ‘Duxers?

JB: Just dig in. Make sure you use the Redux bookmarklet and you’re half way there. It’s a whole lot of fun if you truly enjoy sharing.

CD: I didn’t have time to check all 7,000 or so shares to research your style, so instead I think I’ll just ask you. How would you describe your style on Redux?

JB: I would say eclectic. I just select what seems best from various styles, videos, doctrines, ideas, methods, etc.

CD: I asked fellow superstar Gioser this same question, and I think you are just as qualified to answer: what has it been like being with Redux for so long, particularly with respect to all of the changes and design revisions?

JB: It has been a great process to see the site evolve. Each ‘update’ bought its own feature or improved upon existing ones. Redux is continuously being innovative. Involving their users in fine tuning the site is a big plus. They LISTEN.

CD: Have any questions for us?

JB: Just one, when is the next jam session?

CD: You’re right; all work and no DJing makes this community manager, well, still pretty happy. However, I’ll see what I can do :) Thanks so much for giving us a peek inside the mighty machine that is JanetB.


Disney for Adults

His artwork is just stunning. Enjoy!

Disney for Adults

Jeffrey Scott Campbell is an American comic book artist. Rose to fame as an artist for WildStorm Comics, though he has since done work for Marvel Comics, & the video game industry. This is his collection of fairytale princesses found in cartoons --his princesses are provocative, challenging and sexy. Campbell provides us the opportunity to enjoy the stories of The Little Mermaid, Cinderella & Little Red Riding Hood … That’s nice of him!
Disney for Adults
Disney for Adults
Disney for Adults
Disney for Adults
Disney for Adults
Disney for Adults
Disney for Adults
Disney for Adults
Disney for Adults
Disney for Adults
Disney for Adults

Disney for Adults

Jeffrey Scott Campbell 

Strangest Inflatable Stuff

Innovations Xtreme is a company that specializes in making large inflatable anything, including an inflatable church! This huge inflated edifice is about 16′ to a side and 39′ tall at its highest point. It’s decorated like an old-time cathedral both in and out. Including plastic stained glass windows, inflatable organ, altar, pulpit, pews, candles, angels and gold cross.

Inflatable Boobs

Straight from Japan (of course) come the Daiso inflatable boobs. These stick-on-bosoms have some sort of liquid packet inside. You squeeze the packet to burst it so it comes in contact with the solid inside the balloon, and the whole thing inflates.

Inflatable Poop

This giant inflatable dog turd by American artist Paul McCarthy was exhibited at the garden of a Swiss museum. The art work, titled “Complex Shit” and which is the size of a house, blew away from the exhibition, bringing down a power line and breaking a greenhouse window before it landed again. The wind carried it 200 metres (yards) from the Paul Klee Centre in Berne before it fell back to Earth in the grounds of a children’s home.

Inflatable Sumo Costume

Now you don’t have to stuff yourself with pies and put your girlfriend’s thong on to get the Sumo look. (Unless you really want to of course.) This inflatable costume is much easier. Transform yourself from a skinny string bean to a super Sumo in seconds! This surprisingly comfortable nylon costume comes complete with built-in nappy and a sumo-hair hat for extra authenticity. The Inflatable Sumo Costume is even more fun if you can persuade a mate to buy one too and stage your own bout in the ring. Just stay away from sharp objects, or you might end up as a skinny sumo by mistake.

Inflatable Pub

We’ve all heard of Port-a-Potties, but what about Port-a-Pubs? Billed as “the world’s first inflatable pub”, this pub in a box holds up to 50 guests (or 200 college students), fits in the back of a van, and assembles in under an hour. All pub-like features are painted directly onto the PVC walls (now anti-fungal and flame retardant!). The pub also have a built-in fire escape. It can cost up to $ 28,000 but what the hell, it’s an inflatable pub!

Inflatable Mouse

This Jelly Click mouse concept is fairly simple: a small flexible board carries all of the circuitry while the body is composed of plastic that can be blown up manually. When not in use, it can be folded into a compact size or slid between the screen and keyboard of your laptop when closed.

Inflatable TV

Watch big screen television almost anywhere you want. Pool parties, hot tubbing, backyard BBQs, in your own living room. It works with most projectors and comes with weatherized outdoor speakers and 30′ of audio cables. Just make sure to stake the thing down good. A good gust of wind and your very expensive air-filled television will be wrapped around Mrs. Stodgmyers’ prize rose bushes, and you’ll never know if that big monkey drops the girl off that big building.

Inflatable Phonebooth

We would like to introduce you to this portable Photobooth. It’s equipped with an 11-megapixel lens that captures all your shots digitally so you can browse the results in an online library (which has been password protected for you and your friends). And if this is for your company party, Photobooth can brand your photos as taken on the fly. It’s one sweet package, but you’ll have to inquire to find out how much it will set you back.

Inflatable Toast Mattress

Breakfast in bed? No, breakfast IS the bed! According to the product homepage, “sleeping on this giant 6′ by 7′ Inflatable Toast Mattress is likely to make you dream that you are a pad of butter and that you are floating down a river of freshly brewed coffee”. No, I’ve never dreamed of something like this!


10 Centuries In 5 Minutes

Give yourself a mini history lesson of the 1,000 years of changing borders in Europe over the past ten centuries - in five quick minutes.

via holykaw.alltop.com


Citroen C4's Transformer Dance

How do you make a car dance? Hire Justin Timberlake’s choreographer, Marty Kudelka, cyber scan a brand new Citroen C4 using lasers to create a perfect 3D model and spend two months using the latest film industry animation techniques as used by the likes of Pixar to create a car/transformer with all the right moves.

I'm loving this video!


Flip-Flop Monkey, Have You Been Drinking? - Geekologie

Large scale art displays, also known as 'installation art', are one of my favorite interests. Hope you like it. Enjoy.
This is a giant passed-out monkey sculpture made out of flip-flops in São Paulo, Brazil, to celebrate Pixel Show, an international art and design conference. Because if there are two things that go hand in hand in this world, it's drunk monkeys and art. Don't believe me? How do you think Picasso was so prolific? Because he painted practically nonstop? Oh. Nevermind then.
Fat Monkey [zeutch]
Fat Monkey [designyoutrust]

Back To The Future 25th Anniversary DeLorean Cake [Video]

That’s an 8-foot long DeLorean cake baked for the cast of Back To The Future for their recent 25th anniversary celebration. And yes, that’s Michael J. Fox admiring the Ace of Cakes handiwork (and what appears to be Ace Of Cakes’ Duff Goldman admiring Michael J. Fox admiring his cake.)

Giant Bubbles Found in Space : Discovery News

Giant Bubbles Found in Space

An ancient eruption of a supermassive black hole in the Milky Way may have inflated two huge bubbles of gamma rays which were just now discovered and are considered a new type of astronomical object.
"It shows, once again, that the universe is full of surprises," said Jon Morse, director of astrophysics at NASA headquarters.
Combined, the bubbles, which are aligned at the center of the Milky Way, span a vast distance of about 50,000 light-years. The structures are very distinct, with defined edges, and have as much energy in them as 100,000 supernova.

All I can say is WoW and omg!

Illustrator Steve Thomas Invites You to Visit the World of Star Wars

Back at the start of the 20th century, they had some pretty sweet travel posters. These days, they’re called “vintage” or “art-deco,” perhaps because they make us think of happier places and times. And thanks to illustrator Steve Thomas, now they also make us think of Star Wars.
According to Thomas, these babies, eight in total and all shown below, are two years in the making. They depict locations in Star Wars like Tatooine and Dagobah and also advertise things like Kessel Run Tours and a Rogue Squadron Airshow above Yavin 4. (Which, we’re just saying, would be totally killer.)
Peruse the gallery of original prints, below, and be sure to check out Steve Thomas’ blog post about them here.
Zoom Zoom Photo_18218_0 Zoom Photo_18216_0 Zoom Photo_18215_0 Zoom Photo_18215_1 Zoom Photo_18218_0-2 Zoom Photo_18221_0