Today I got my Google Wave invite, thanks to my friend from New Zealand, Malcolm Wolf. THANKS MALCOLM! I gave it a look over and there are a variety of features and functionality.  I'll definitely have to set time aside just to delve into it.  Looks quite interesting!


As you know, Facebook changed it's "Wall" look and functionality with a split "News Feed" and "Live Feed".  Well, this just upset many users.  So for those of you who do not like the change, here is a way to get it to look somewhat like it did before.  Click "More" in your left-hand feed panel, then drag the "Status Updates" to the top of the stack. Refresh the page and you'll notice that now your friends' status updates will have priority. The "News Feed" is still available, just click on it to see your news items.


Saturday Night Live

Just watched the Presidential Bash. Leave it to the cast of SNL to continuously tickle our funny bone with such original entertainment.  If you missed it, you can watch it at hulu.com.  Just type Presidential Bash in the search box.


Want a great radio station that plays all your favorite love songs, then head on over to Love105.Fm. Their DJ's will take you on a wonderful trip through your memories.  


I started using Ping.fm today.  It's a great service which allows you to post to numerous sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, all at once.  There's great list of sites to choose from.  If you want to make your postings a little less tedious, I recommend you check out this service.