Lucky Charms remix - 'Magically Delicious'

YouTube mixmaster has released a beautiful auto-tuned remix of a favorite childhood TV commercial, featuring the Lucky Charms leprechaun.

It will take you back to the days of cartoon-filled weekends!


New York Day

Timelapses have been a particularly popular trend lately, & NYC has been a hot spot because of its' edgy beauty.  So, Samuel Orr is taking the entire concept to a new level with "New York Day." Each video is a small story - people coming to life on their morning commute, going about their day, eating & then home in the evening — all compiled to show what an average day in New York is like. Orr says that including the sounds of the city makes the series "more of an immediate experience."

New York City's lifestyle and stunning visuals captivated Orr. He spent six weeks in 2011 and 2012 recording the city and its inhabitants, making sure to focus on "the movement of traffic and people, rather than of light or clouds." At times, this required carrying four cameras, and filmed everything by himself. Orr plans to make more timelapse videos, focusing on different seasons in the city, and eventually turning "New York Day" into "New York Year." The goal is to create a living, breathing chronicle of the people and places within the boroughs. The photographer currently doesn't have the funds to accommodate the concept, so he started a Kickstarter in hopes that others interested in time-lapses can help bring the idea to fruition. As of this writing, Orr's Kickstarter has made almost $6,000 of its' $21,000 goals, with 22 days left. Help him reach his goal so he can make this even more spectacular! @kickstarter.com/projects/motionkicker/new-york-year