Every kid that had a Radio Flyer wagon has fond memories of it. This couple in Anchorage, Alaska decided to turn those fun memories into reality for their retirement years by constructing a Radio Flyer Car. Fred Keller and Judy Foster made the car from a 1976 Mazda pickup truck and the steering wheel is an actual wheel from a Radio Flyer Wagon. How cool this is!

Goodness, gracious - boy do I have a load of memories lugging one of these around!


Architecture firm, Howeler and Yoon are about to open this interactive piece in Philadelphia in a matter of days. The orbs are made vacuum formed PETG (polyethylene terephthalate glycol), a milky colored, translucent, and recyclable material. Each pod can communicate with the others via radio signal, so people who interact with the pods on land can effect the pods in the water. If more than one user interacts with the pods at a time, more changes occur, encouraging people to play with the installation and create new combinations of color and motion. Side note: I think it's hilarious that after all the advanced electronics and thought that have gone into this project, the tops and bottoms of the floating orbs are held together with binder clips, as you can see in the last picture. Classic.
via Design Boom
Special Thanks to Paul Overton at dudecraft.com for sharing this!
Interesting and beautiful interactive installation. Love it!


LIVE FEED - Chilean Miners Rescue

The miners have been trapped in an underground tomb for two months. Watch the Chile mine rescue on streaming video as each man is literally airlifted to safety. Florencio Avalos, is the fist miner out!

So moving to watch! Hope they all get through the emotional ordeal and don't develop any of the health issues associated with this type of situation.


Hulu - Outsourced: Pilot - Watch the full episode now.

This is the pilot episode. The second episode aired tonight and should be up on HULU tomorrow, in case you missed it.

Liking it.