If Marijuana Was Legal, This Is How It Would Look

I found this to be such an unusual concept, that I just had to share it with you. I wonder what it would be like.  Can you imagine life with legalized drugs?  What's your opinion?
Recently, Print Magazine approached four design and packaging firms with a simple brief: If marijuana was legal, how could it be packaged? The following are the ideas and proposals that came from that brief. So… which one would you pick?


Dance Around the World - Part II

Beautiful Dance Photos

Bread Gloves

This just made me crack up.  I hope it brings a little laughter to your day!

10 Best Ways to Use Your PC While You're Sleeping or At Work - PCs - Gizmodo

10 Best Ways to Use Your PC While You're Sleeping or At Work - PCs - Gizmodo

Incredible! Watch Time-Lapse of EVA-1/Tranquility Node Berthing

This is so cool! Normally spacewalks, or EVAs take 6-7 hours. But here you can watch the first EVA of the STS-130 mission in just one minute and 45 seconds! And that even includes watching the astronauts put on their spacesuits. Ron Smith has created a time-lapse video of EVA-1, so you can watch all the action of the new Tranquility Node being berthed to the ISS. This is especially great since the EVA took place during the night-time hours here in the US, when most of us were supposed to be sleeping.


SOOO FUNNY! E-mails from an Asshole: Concealed Weapons


Every so often I run across something that makes me laugh to the point of running to the bathroom! This is one of those...


Dazzling Image of ORION NEBULA

"the most beautiful image yet of the celestial body was just released Wednesday".

The European Southern Observatory’s new VISTA telescope’s enormous field of view allows it to image the entire nebula at once. It’s been designed to capture near-infrared light. The longer wavelengths of light in that part of the spectrum allow rays to pass through dusty space without being scattering"


Turn an Old USB HDD Enclosure Into an External DVD Drive


This is a neat way to use parts that you've got sitting around


Artecnica Dada Alarm Clock

Just found this beautiful clock I'd like to share with you.


Thin Film Turns Any Surface Into a Touchscreen


Now this is awesome.  I want some!

14 Fun Urban Street Ads

Outdoor advertising is all around us – on billboards, benches and even stairs.  These 14 urban street ads sometimes blur the line between guerilla art and guerilla marketing, drawing in crowds and using their respective environments in clever and creative ways.

The Pale Blue Dot - Photo

"A beautiful and big photo from space of the only home we'll ever know"- Brent@redux.com